Mansar Lake

The beautiful Mansar Lake is situated at a distance of 62 kilometers from the city of Jammu and 40 kilometers from the Udhampur city. The bountiful nature abounds near the lake in plenty. The Mansar Lake is surrounded by hills that are rich in forest areas. Circumambulating the lake is believed to bring good fortune to the newly wedded couples. That is why honeymooners often visit the lake to take an auspicious stroll around it. The circumference of the lake is four kilometers. The area around the lake has been laid with stones by the Tourist Department paving a walkway for the visitors. The department has also arranged for provisions for boating in the lake.

The shrine of the serpent deity, the Sheshnag is situated on the eastern bank of the lake. The snake god has six heads and is flanked by small snakes shaped by iron chains. Umapati Mahadev and Narsimha are the two ancient and religious temples located near the lake. Another tourist destination of the region is the wildlife sanctuary, which is home to a number of water birds and animals like the neelgai and the spotted deer. The grand and magnificent ruins of the Mahor Gadh can be visited from the Mansar Lake.

The Mansar Lake is the venue for the food and crafts festival in the month of April organized by the Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir. The lake also hosts the cultural festival of the Dogra people in the month of May. The wrestlers of the region gather in the premises of the lake to participate in the Chhing festival that is held here. The lake makes a frequently visited Jammu and Kashmir popular tourist spot.

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