Music & Dance
Kashmir Hub offers you information about the music and folk dances of Jammu and Kashmir. The themes of folk songs range from the yearning for reunion with ones lover, the hard mountain life and songs for festivals and other occasions. The people of Ladakh have a rich tradition of dance, music and drama.

The mask dance performed by the lamas at the Hemis monastery, Ladakh for example, during the Hemis festival is representative of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition of the victory of good over evil.

The Hafiza dance form is very popular. This dance form is usually performed at wedding ceremonies. Another very popular Kashmiri dance form that is extremely popular is the Bacha Nagma, which is performed during the harvest season by young boys.

Ruf and Wuegi-nachun are popular Kashmiri folk dances. The Roul and Dogri are popular folk dances that are performed by Kashmiri women.

The most popular Kashmiri folk music is known as the Rabab. The dukra, sitar and nagara are popular musical instruments.

As far as forms of music in Kashmir is concerned there are three distinct forms, viz. Sufi, ghazals and choral music.

Wanawun is another form of music that is sung and played during wedding ceremonies in Kashmir.

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