Kashmir region has its own musical performances that have won the hearts of many of its visitors. Bhand Pather is a traditional folk theatre style exhibiting combination of play and dance in a satirical style where social traditions, and evils are depicted and performed in various social and cultural functions. Bhand Jashan is performed by a group of 10 to 15 artists in their traditional style accompanied by light music for the entertainment of people. The most popular form of Kashmiri folk music is called Chakri that bears resemblance to Chakra of mountainous regions of Uttar Pradesh. It was accompanied by Garaha, Sarangi, Rabab once as the musical instruments but today harmonium plays an important role in its presentation. Sufiana Music migrated to Kashmir from Iran in the 15th century and flourished here as the classical music form of Kashmir. It absorbed a number of Indian Ragas and Hafiz Nagma was once a part of Sofiana Music. In Hafiz Nagma a dancer is a female while her accompanists on various instruments are males. An Hafiza (dancer) moves her feet on musical notes. The instruments that go with this form are Santoor, Sitar, Kashmiri Saz, Wasool or Tabala. Today, only a few families in Kashmir are practicing this musical for.

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